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Ascension Presents: Goduria Liveshow

Ascension performs a unique blend of house, techno and eclectic tracks that will captivate your audience. While drawing on musical inspiration from his recent releases such as 'Bringing Humanity Home EP',  'Leave Me Alone EP', ‘Peak Beyond EP’, ‘Aja Savaria EP’, ‘Subreality’, ‘The Source’ and the ‘Gone EP’, the show features completely original material. Each performance is unique as Ascension transforms his music LIVE by playing analog synthesizers, groove boxes, drum machines and various MIDI controllers creating a one of a kind set that is always evolving. Keywords are: danceable, adventurous, mysterious and original. 

The last few years I have been experimenting with ways to perform my own blend of electronic music in a more fluid and elastic way: instead of playing pre-mixed and existing tracks (like a traditional DJ) I set out to generate all music LIVE so I could manipulate all the sounds and change them in real time during the show. I did not want to see a computer screen on stage but instead work with controllers, synths, drum computers and groove boxes.

This is not your typical DJ performance, as Ascension seamlessly blends and mixes new sounds on the fly. Moreover, it is a spectacle to watch because as a musician and producer he uses all available musical elements of the track to build the atmosphere of the track, each time in a new way. The show can be performed both indoors in club settings as well as outdoors during festivals. The Ascension live rig can be easily connected to existing DJ booth setups.

The show and music takes inspiration from the following artists: The Orb, Disclosure, James Blake, Paul Kalkbrenner, Solomun, Genesis and many many more. 

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