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Ascension Music Experience LIVESHOW

Ascension plays a unique blend of house, techno and eclectic tracks that will captivate your audience. While drawing on music from his recent releases such as ‘Peak Beyond’, ‘Aja Savaria’, ‘Subreality’, ‘The Source’ and the ‘Gone EP’, he also performs unreleased material as well as remixes of famous songs. Each performance is unique as Ascension transforms his music LIVE by playing analog synthesizers as well as using drum machines and various MIDI controllers creating a one of a kind mix of the song that is always evolving. Keywords are: danceable, adventurous, mysterious and original. 


This is not your typical DJ performance, as Ascension seamlessly blends and mixes new sounds on the fly. Moreover, it is a spectacle to watch because as a musician and producer he uses all available musical elements of the track to build the atmosphere of the track, each time in a new way. The show can be performed both indoors in club settings as well as outdoors during festivals. Ascension previously played on the Lievelinge, Label Unknown, Ecodorp Bergen and Pacific Amsterdam.


Ascension collaborated with Portuguese Trip Hop singer Gauri, who can be heard on his EP ‘Peak Beyond’. The record was picked up by famous German music magazine Faze Magazine, among others. He also collaborated with classically trained singer Samhita from India, with whom he released the crossover record Aja Savaria which fuses Eastern traditions with Western electronic music. With Ascension he releases music independently as well as on labels such as Fluid Funk with support by big names from the DJ world including Ame, Glenn Underground, Tom Trago, Dirty Disco Radio and Sandro Bianchi.


Ascension Music Experience was founded by producer Yigal Roos, founder of the Fortress Music Studio. As a producer, Yigal has worked with many artists including rock formations (missAntartica, A Silent Express and Melanocaster), rapper Blaxtar, international EDM star Maya Simantov and Anita Doth of 2 Unlimited. He also recorded albums with world famous group Omnia who have millions of Youtube views today.

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