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27th of June 2022

Dutch EDM artist Ascension is putting out a unique record together with Indian classical vocalist Samhita Mundkur. The two met while attending a program at Isha Yoga Center in India. The project aims to fuse two worlds: ancient traditional Indian music with modern day electronic music production.

The EP contains the highly danceable Aja Savaria - including 2 club remixes: one geared towards the Ethnic House genre (Space Club Remix) and one Deep House version (Deep Club Remix).

The song Aja Savaria is based on a live studio jam by Ascension, which served as the basis for Samhita's vocals. The beautiful melodies sung in Hindi are based on a very popular traditional semi-classical composition. The song tells the story of love and longing 'my beloved, let me embrace you, your eyes are so full of love' are the words which are repeated over and over again like a mantra.

The 9min song builds to a highly danceable combination of Eastern sounds, percussion and a string arrangement ultimately ending in a psychedelic frenzy of tablas, arpeggiated bass lines and pulsating synth sounds.

Ascension is the brainchild of Yigal Roos, an established music producer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. With Ascension he wants to create highly danceable music that is meant to nourish the soul as well as the ears.

He says: “I am in love with Indian music and always wanted to work with classically trained Indian musicians. Meeting Samhita was a real blessing and a dream come true. Her vocals are so authentic, fragile and sensitive. She really touches people’s hearts.”

Aja Savaria is available for listening on Bandcamp now:

Aja Savaria will be internationally released and available on all popular streaming platforms on the 13th of July, 2022 → streaming links:


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