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Ascension Releases House Record on Fluid Funk Recordings

The 19th of August will see the release of the 'Gone EP' out on Fluid Funk. It contains 4 highly danceable tracks, including a remix by UK artist Moody Waters.

Championing a sound both oneiric and club-oriented, Amsterdam’s Yigal Roos alias Ascension joins up the Fluid Funk fold with the prismatic “Gone EP” - a refreshingly deep and lavishly arranged four-track ride across laid-back, Chicagoan house landscapes and further hypnotic sonic back-alleys.

Ascension’s music is one to unify all of our estranged intergalactic districts effortlessly.

Starting off with the smooth-shuffling swagger of the eponymous lead-single “Gone”, Ascension has us gliding onto a vibrantly hued cove where iridescent synth tides come crashing with muted elegance alongside hedonistic drum programming and a solar-powered 4x4 chug that packs a subtle punch. In the hands of remixer Moody Waters, “Gone” morphs into a further immersive slice of organic jazz abstraction, perfect for turning the dance floor into a place for full-blown introspective, esoteric communion.

A chiseled engineering of feverish Latin rhythms, fluttering balearic tropes and velveteen sound design, “Albert” runs the gamut from hazy after ambiences to ocean side boogie vibes in one seamless montage of sorts. Topping off the demonstration, “The House Has Just Begun” is as much a laser-precise weapon for the summer festival season as it proves a transporting exotica-laced belter thru and thru. Merging Caribbean steel-pans with straight out keyboard wizardry and Afro-futuristic pulsations, Ascension’s music is one to unify all of our estranged intergalactic districts effortlessly.

First reactions have been extremely positive:

"Awesome EP with beautiful high quality music."
"Albert is nice, also The House Has Just Begun"

Check out Fluid Funk label on bandcamp:

Fluid Funk



Gone EP


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