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Ascension's 'Peak Beyond' featured on 10k followers Spotify Playlists

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

With so much music being released on Spotify on a daily basis (it might be close to 50k tracks per day) it is with great pride and happiness that I have been future on a few great playlists by Flow Mixes and House Music With Love.

This way more people can discover Ascension. These playlists are fun for me to listen to as they are filled with artists from all over the world who do share some similar vibes to my music. Go check them out: you can't go wrong here.

Also, Peak Beyond has been featured on the playlist: TikTok Hits 2022. If you haven't yet please add Ascension to your favorites on Spotify, follow me there and add me to a playlist of your choice. This will greatly support the music being discovered!

House Music With Love

Flow Mixes


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