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Bringing Humanity Home EP: out on all platforms!

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Fresh off the release of his ‘Leave Me Alone’ EP in October 2023, Dutch producer Ascension returns to Fluid Electronics with his latest four-tracker, ‘Bringing Humanity Home’. Featuring two originals and two remixes courtesy of Juju & Jordash half, Jordan GCZ, and Fluid Electronics alum M.R.E., this fresh new iteration from the Amsterdam-based artist oozes freshly-squeezed analogue house juice on a balearic acid tip. Drenched in a honey-like fusion of coastal suavity and vaporous ambient soundscapes, Ascension’s new number hits the audio G-spot with its velveteen touch and effortless swagger, for all lovers of John Beltran’esque blends of rhythmic escapology and head-to-toe textural immersion.

If the original title-track ‘Bringing Home Humanity’ pulls out a funk-savvy mix of laid-back dub flavours and Easternmost serenity, rife with gentle tapping drums, synth-spoken minutiae and proper hypnosis-inducing pads, Jordan GCZ and M.R.E. serve up two versions diametrically opposite. While GCZ’s rework aims for the jugular with its stealth bass swells gone full chop mode and 303-emulated hoodoo casting a shadowy spell over Ascension’s crystalline sound design, M.R.E.’s revamp injects further pace and swing into the mix, sticking to the OG’s rivetingly lush nature while gearing it up for extended dance floor use. Last but not least, Ascension’s hedonistic cut ’Sensual’ gives itself over to a slower and even sexier low-slung workout, primed for in-limbo transitional states and alcove-ready boogie à deux. Feel the heat rising.


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