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Monthly showcases starting November 20th

I have been very hard at work behind the scenes to create something truly memorable and I am very excited to invite you to be part of this. I will be organizing the first in a series of new showcases starting on November 20th. A showcase is basically a concert in which I will be playing LIVE :)

This first showcase is meant for getting feedback so that I can continue improving my live show. From there on, I’ll be organising a new showcase every month and I will invite programmers, bookers, festival organisers, beachclubs owners, you name it….It is my hope that I can perform next year in venues around Holland (and beyond!) . If you do have connections with (music) event organisers please be so kind as to let me know so I can invite them.

As this is a private event, the places are limited. If you’d like to be there be sure to put your name on the guest list HERE :

If you are bringing someone, that person also needs to put her/himself on the list.

Once you’re signed up I will send out the final details a few days before the show. The location is Amsterdam Zuid (close to Mirandabad) - please come by bike if you can.

The 20th is a saturday night, please be present at 20:00. The show will probably last until around 22:30.

—> for questions and contact I have created a private TELEGRAM group. Would be great if you want to be part of that. Join here:

Thanks for your continued support. Hope to see you soon!


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