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Last Day Deaf - Greece

This is a masterful example of vaporous downtempo escapism, showcasing Roos’s ability to blend various influences into a unique and captivating sonic journey.

Beat for Beat - Brazil

On this new EP, Ascension unites the breadth of keyboard-driven abstraction with the impeccable expertise of lounge house groove, creating an ingenious blend of rhythm and dreaminess. The result is a fascinating breakdown of boundaries between the absolute functionality of the dance floor and a prismatic, multifaceted approach.
Ascension redefines the limits of electronic music, inviting listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey. 'Leave Me Alone (Dream Mix)' is an experience that transcends the ordinary and establishes Ascension as a musical visionary to watch.

Grauu - Turkey

R-Sound - Russia

“Groove Bar23” is a great example of modern Tech House, which combines the best elements of different styles and presents them in a bright and energetic performance. It definitely deserves the attention of all fans of club music.

Germany - FazeMagazine (print)

Yigal Roos, the founder of the legendary Fortress Music Studio in Amsterdam. His track playfully combines elements of house, techno and jazz. The basic concept is funky and also quite driving. Very successful.

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