Electronic Music for  the new earth. 

 Ascension is the brainchild of Dutch producer Yigal Roos who worked with leading artists from the European underground circuit. Today he is performing and releasing his own unique blend of electronic music,   blending elements of classic house, deep techno and psychedelic influences into a highly danceable experience.


Live Set Performance by Ascension #dub #house #techno #underground @Ascension Music Experience​
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Peak Beyond (Espirito da Floresta) featuring Gauri #psychedelic #worldfusion #ethnichouse #ecstatic
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ascension: TECHNO ACID 'Midnight' electronic music LIVE performance from the studio
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about ascension

As a kid my dad took me to live concerts of bands he used to work with as a record company executive.


Imagine getting listening copies of Phil Collins albums or seeing 60.000 people go crazy at a Genesis concert. Or how about meeting the legendary Freddy Mercury as a 14 year old kid...man, I was lucky to say the least. I started learning piano and bass guitar and jamming with my musical friends. I ran a recording studio for 7 years and worked with many amazing musicians. ascension is the culmination of all my musical influences.

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