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'The Source' Music Video Dark Acid Psychedelic House  @AscensionMusicExperience
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Let's Grind | Video Clip |  by Ascension #psychedelic #house #ecstatic  @ascensionmusicexperience
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SUBREALITY | Music Video | Deep 'n Raw Underground Psychedelic House  @ascensionmusicexperience
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About Ascension

Ascension seamlessly blends elements of classic house, deep techno and psychedelic influences into a highly danceable experience. Working from his studio in the center of Amsterdam,he regularly streams live shows on Youtube and Twitch.


‘Ascension allows me to operate outside traditional boundaries and put myself into states of creativity without thinking in terms of rules. My goal is to create a living experience for the listener whereby they can keep discovering new elements in my songs. I carry this through in my live shows which are set up organically, allowing me to perform and remix the songs in ever changing ways - essentially making each performance a jam session and keeping the experience fresh’.

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