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Ascension Concert Trailer 2023

Drawing from a vast repertoire of original material, both released and unreleased, Ascension is determined’ to make 2023 the year audiences across the world can immersive themselves in his unique blend between House, Techno and Eclectic sounds meant to provoke a cathartic experience and to let go of all inhibitions.

Ascension brings a unique LIVE performance that sees him remixing and improvising on the fly using various controllers, drummachines and synthesizers. By using up to 12 individual stems, Ascension completely re-invents and remixes existing songs into new uncharted territory, thereby creating an ever evolving sonic landscape that brings the audience to new undiscovered places.

This video is a compilation of a live concert registration on the 5th of November 2022 at Pacific Amsterdam where he did a 6 hours LIVE performance playing all original music. This video contains excerpts of 9 tracks (song listing below). All music is written, composed, produced and performed by Ascension and was recorded LIVE during the show.

2022 saw Ascension release 6 EP’s and gather support from respected artists such as Ame, Glenn Underground, Tom Trago, Dirty Disco Radio and Sandro Bianchi. Ascension says: ’even though Ascension is essentially a one man act, I strive to collaborate with talents from all over the world’. Case in point being his 2022 release ‘Aja Savaria’ where he worked with traditional Indian singer Samhita Mundkur fusing traditional Hindi chants with modern day electronics.

He also collaborated with Portuguese singer Gauri on the EP ‘Peak Beyond’ - a release rooted in an ecstatic, psychedelic mixture of sounds which got featured in the highly respected German Magazine ‘Faze Magazine’. Ascension is equally at home in clubs, festivals as well on traditional pop/rock stages.

If you are record label, booking agency, festival, club or promoter interested in working with Ascension - please get in touch.


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